Price on Chanel east/west bag( one flap with one chain)?

  1. Hello Ladies:

    I just bought my 1st Chanel bag--black with gold hardware east/west bag(I think this is what it's called). I paid $1395+tax. I read in someone's thread that she paid 1095 for the bag? Does anyone know what is the price for this bag now? Did I pay too much?:confused1:
  2. Prices were raised twice in the past few months. I can't recall what I paid, but with tax it was just around $1,000.
  3. wow.....with tax my bag costs $1,500...:sweatdrop: .... I wish I found this forum before the price adjustment....this is a greate site! Thanks for your reply!!!
  4. Does anyone know the current colors for the E/W? I called the Chanel customer service line, but the guy didn't know what I was talking about.
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    Spiral, that t-shirt in your signature... where is it from? I love it!
  6. I agreee!! It's super cool!
  7. Thank you guys! It is from Married to the Mob.

    So I just called a bunch of Chanel, NM, and Saks. I meant to ask what colors the E/W comes in this season, but they told me the E/W only comes in black and white.

    I'm so sad... I saw a lot of pretty blues, corals, etc., and I really really wanted one.

    Can anyone recommend a good SA to a poor confused Chanel newbie? ;) :flowers:
  8. Price last I checked was $1395 after the most previous price increase. :yucky:
  9. what a sucky increase.
  10. i wonder how i can afford an e/w now :sad:
  11. you know what I'd love to know? the size of the E/W. I know the classic flap sizes but how much smaller is the E/W compared to the classic small? thanks.
  12. the e/w measures 10"l x 5.5"h x 2"d
  13. In the East West (Baguette) style I have seen it with the Bijoux chain in lambskin in red and chocolate caviar I have seen it in red. This was in the UK.
  14. Caviar used to be $1095, but is now $1395; Lambskin was about $1195, somewhere around there, but I just purchased once recently for $1550 from NM!

    Spiralsnowman--at Chanel in San Francisco, there was a coral lambskin and a slate (not sure on the exact color name) caviar a couple weeks ago. Or try calling Rita at NM in Boston--there was a Blue Fonce caviar, the same slate caviar, a tan caviar and a coral lambskin. They also had a tan caviar at the Chanel boutique @ Ala Moana in Hawaii. The E/W is also called the "classic pouchette".

    If anyone's seen a white caviar with the original chain, please let me know! I've been looking everywhere!!!
  15. how much is the e/w with new chain? tia