Price on a black patent leather hobo

  1. :heart:I am looking at getting the large black patent leather hobo from eBay but I wasnt sure what was the going price on a brand new one.. I see one for $319.00 buy it now.. is that too much??

  2. The large Patent Ergo Hobos retail for $458, so if you can't find it at an Outlet, this sounds like a good price for new with tags, IMO! At PCE, it would cost $343.50...

    If this is on eBay, search on the style number to compare other prices!
  3. oh wow 458? cost more then my tote at 398 retail.. i wonder why? seems like the same amount of leather..
  4. I got one two weeks ago from the Coach outlet for $255, after the add'l 20% discount. This particular outlet got a shipment in and the bag pretty much sold out in one day. I had heard from an SA that they were going to possibly be receiving a shipment of the bags so she put me on their wait/call back list for it. I received a call from the outlet for my bag a few days afterwards.
  5. heh.. too bad I cant go to your outlet.. thats a good deal!
  6. so I am thinking maybe that $319 isnt such a bad deal
  7. I got my black one from Dillards for $228 + tax... I love the patent leather!!! I am thinking about the brown one for PCE
  8. Doesn't sound too bad if you look at what they are selling for and the seller adds in fees, etc. You could always offer them a little less or to include shipping, etc. A lot of times they will do it. :yes:
  9. Agreed, I oftentimes ask the seller to waive shipping. Sometimes they will or they'll cut it in half. Never hurts to ask...
  10. It looks like there are a lot BIN at that price. Why not watch a few of the other auctions that are not BIN and see what they go for to get an idea of what the eBay market is for that bag? That way you can know if a soon-to-end auction is at a good price or not. I did this w/my white soho and got a steal on ebay ($120 vs. 180 which was normal on ebay at the time).