Price of your it a secret?

  1. Because of another thread.....I was wondering how you ladies handle the question about the price of your bags. Like your friends, neighbors, school mates, strangers, etc?

    Recently, I was carring my chelsea and a lady came up to ask about the bag and we were having a really good conversation when...she asked how much it was.

    I was really feeling uneasy. She just stared and waited so ....I said it was a present and I didnt know. She knew..I knew. She smiled slightly and said oh, then we parted.

    Suddenly, a guilty feeling came over me...I really hate that kind of attention anyway and thats part of the reason that I like the Damier so much...its less "HERE IS AN LV BAG". But then, the fact that I invested in an LV, Im proud of so when people admire it , I like it. Im getting sotired of that question.......:sad:
  2. Sometimes, I simply say "a lot." In hopes that people with common sense and some courtesy would get the hint and just drop it... unfortunately, not eveyone does.
  3. ITA:yes:
  4. I usually go with too much or something and laugh, some of my friends I will tell because I know they won't judge or make really stupid statements about it afterwards.

    And my mom knows all, she thinks it's a lot of money but she loves Louis Vuitton as well ! :yes:
  5. Yes, it's a secret. I feel that people who know LV would know the price.:graucho:
  6. Ditto!:nuts:
  7. The rule of thumb with me is if DH asks I divide the price in half and then deduct a few $100!! LOL! I tell him the real price if and only if I have bought something that I eventually sold for a good price.

    With other people it depends... a lot of time I tell them what the retail price of my bag is, but then say I didn't pay anywhere near that much because I got it from Ebay or a friend on the boards. But that gives them an idea about how much they really are. ;)
  8. Good post/question. I hate this too!

    It also comes up because anything I order, I have shipped to my work, so it doesn't get left on our front porch all day...some people share in my, 'oh, whattda get'...but some will be like, 'did you get another bag!!??!! How many do you have?'

    I just try and be vague, and smile and laugh..."oh too many" or "too much".
  9. A lot of times I'll tell them....hey they may be interested in it and are thinking of buying one but don't know the price (especially discontinued bags). I really don't care what anyone thinks...whether I spent too much or not...I mean I'm not trying to show off or anything...they asked.
    When it comes to DH...well then I subtract a bit and make sure to point out how much I saved by buying it on ebay (currently this applies to my splurges on LE pieces)
  10. With my family...strangers are much kinder...sad but true. Even my mom is like, "Your husbands business must be doing well", every time she sees a new bag... sad but true.
  11. I agree, I do what I feel is right for me no matter what and the reason I ponder to answer the $ ques. is b/c I think they want one too.

    With DH, Im like you......he thinks I am a wise and rational women :roflmfao: ...and I am...usually. I focus on the positive of alittle money saved here and there.
  12. I haven't had anyone ask me the price of my bags except my family and close friends. I always tell them how much I paid for it because I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of. If a stranger on the street asked me, I would probably tell them.
  13. If it's a good friend asking, I'll tell them but I think it's rude when random people come up and ask. If they really wanted to know, they could just ask where I got it and find out there.

  14. Same here! What's funny is that earlier this evening, my husband leaned over and sniffed my bag. I asked him if the bag had an odor, and he said, "it smells like it cost more than what you are telling me"!:Push::Push::Push:

    I also sometimes hide bags and shoes for a while before I wear them, so when he asks if they are new, I can say, "no, I've had this for a while." I think he is catching onto me, though. :angel:
  15. I hate, hate, HATE this question!!!:rant:

    If a stranger asks me this it seems like they're just trying to find a way to make me feel bad about something I obviously love which is a very lowly, tactless thing to do IMO:hysteric: .

    I usually just ask "Why???Are you thinking of buying one???" and leave it at that lol:lol: .

    I don't mind telling friends of mine that love LV too, otherwise I just don't bring it up and neither do they...:shrugs: