Price of watercolour Speedy 30 in Hawaii?

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  1. Can anyone please tell me the price of the white Watercolour Speedy 30 including taxes in Hawaii please? TIA!
  2. The speedy 35 was around £660 and when I checked the price of the speedy 30 on the japanese site I think it was around £700 with tax but I haven't bought it from Hawaii so I'm not exactly sure.
  3. I think its $1150 at least before the price increase.
  4. Yes $1,150 plus some paid sales tax 4.75% and other did not. Some just paid the shipping fee of $15.00
  5. Thanks so much for replies!

    Someone got one for me with the exchange rate on credit card it has come through at 850GBP! Wow! I wasn't expecting that!

    I called credit card company but they said it is the international exchange rate & nothing they can do about it! Really annoyed!
  6. it's 1150...and i paid no tax but paid $20 shipping fee. But i got it like within 2 days.
  7. i thought the hawaii store don't ship anymore out of state?
  8. ^ yup they don't anymore...which really sucks.
  9. Hi! Would you know if it's still available in Japan or in Hawaii?
  10. I dont know about hawaii but japan is sold out... Probably hawaii too since white one came out around march and brown one came out around mid july... you might want to try brown one at hawaii shops
  11. i was talking to my SA wen i went to get my graphite wallet on friday. She implied that there was no more wc speedys. bc we were talking about the camo one. Basically how u have to know ahead of time to make sure you get one. Then we were talking about the WC Speedy and how my mom (white) got lucky and got her name on the list right b4 they stopped taking names. but it was about 1200 just to answer your question. But i say go down and talk to a person its always better.
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    I spoke with LV in Waikiki (on the avenue) and she did add my name to the waitlist but informed me the chances were slim, this was a little over a week ago. I also spole with LV at the mall and they told me that as of the 18aug they had heard of no price increase for Hawaii. This same person told me that LV Hawaii merged with the mainland LV a couple months ago and this is why they stopped shipping to the mainland.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I have mine at last but wow did I pay over the nail for it! Kinda takes the good out of it but I suppose I should have researched credit card exchange rates first, noone to blame but myself!