Price of Van Cleef Alhambra Stud?

  1. does anyone know how much the single stud earrings are? thanks!
  2. I think mine were about $2,400.00. These are the MOP about 1/2" across. I bought them about 1 month ago. Hope this helps!

  3. Lucky you! Did you get them in Chevy Chase?
  4. Yes, I did ! I also purchased a necklace at the same time, which I wear all the time. The Vintage Alhambra is so beautiful.
  5. can u please post a picture of the studds. i cnt find a pic anywhere. i want to show my dad those ones in specific. its my 21st in a few days ! x
  6. Congratulations....must be beautiful!
  7. Here are some pics of Alhambra Vintage ear studs :

    And some pics of Alhambra Magic :

  8. i want the studds in white ! so pretty. thank u so much VanCleef Fan for putting those pics up !!! x
  9. i love the alhambra magic - price range for MOP? tia
  10. Pazt i love the alhambra magic - price range for MOP? tia[/quote

    Price : 3600 euros

    Price : 5400 euros
    Price : 3000 euros
  11. these are all dreamy! thanks for the prices!:tup: