Price of Twillys

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  1. Anyone know the retail price of the Twilly Bolduc Scarves please? Thank you! :smile:
  2. says 125 USD

    I got mine a couple of months ago for, I believe, $135 CAD

  3. Does anyone know if the price of twillies will increase soon? I need to start buying them in pairs for my bag handles.
  4. i got mine at detroit duty free for 100 USD last may 2008
  5. The price of twillys has just gone up in the UK, not sue if this helps you or not
  6. they are 200AUD ... not that that's worth anything now...
  7. There's going to be a pretty big price increase in January or February.

  8. It was USD 120 couple month ago in the US.
    Now it is USD 125.
  9. Cheaper than Singapore now!
  10. Now $150 CAD
  11. ^^ DiorJunkie, when did the price increase? I went a few weeks ago and it was still $135... :confused1:
  12. I paid almost $160 in Tokyo last week!
  13. I paid 90€ this week at the Hermès Store Munich / Germany :smile:
  14. Yep, Singapore's not doing too well of the financial crisis I hear :sad:
  15. Damn. I need to get myself a twilly too. I wish there was a Hermes near me.