price of this..

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  1. ok.
    i must be mistaken.

    the price of a damier speedy 25 is still at $595? weren't they $620?

    price decrease even with damiers?
  2. The 30 was $620, I believe, not the 25. That was how much I paid for my Damier one when it came out, anyway.
  3. ^^ but didn't the price increase afterwards?
  4. I don't think it did. I think that was already the adjusted stayed at the old price for awhile after the June increase (most all pieces went up right away but that one stayed the same). I just remember that I got my Damier 30 for $620 in July and I believe it's stayed at that price since then.
  5. ^^ oh ok thanks!
  6. No problem :smile: