Price of this pearl necklace?

  1. Hi, I saw this pearl belt/necklace on eBay and wanted to know what the retail price and style number are? And if it is readily available in the boutiques and dept. stores? It should be the same one as Mischa Barton is wearing (at least one of the ones that she's wearing, I think she has multiple ones!). I love how all the pearls are the same size. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I've never seen that style before, so I can't help you with a price.
  3. I don't have style number but I'm pretty sure retail was around $700. It's completely sold out and that's why it's selling for so much above retail.
  4. Thanks for your responses!

    Mon, so this isn't in the "timeless collection?" It was a seasonal item that won't have more inventory then?
    =( Thanks!
  5. i just caleld my SA in toronto and asked her about it, she thinks it's about $1200CAD
  6. also, becuase it's a belt, it comes in various lengths. all the pearl belts can be worn as necklaces, but there's nothing that's less than $1000 CAD
  7. That surprises me. I bought a belt from the icon line at Nordstrom that retailed for $700. It had a lot more detail and I would suspect it was the same price as this one with only pearls.
  8. Thanks takeoutbox!! Did she say that she has any left? And do you happen to know what the style number is?
  9. i don't know the style number, but she's got one in each size in either silver or gold. she's put one on hold for me, i'm going to check it out either during lunch or after work.
  10. ok, i just got back, so the toronto boutique has these ones, in all sizes in both silver and gold as i mentioned's beautiful when worn as a belt, but the CC is abit too big for my comfort when worn as a necklace, but it is a gorgeous piece, it's either 1025CAD or 1125CAD
  11. Really, you think the bigger CC is too big then? How does it look/feel around your neck? Does it look/feel too bulky and heavy? Did you do a double strand around your neck? I need to convert to see how much it is in U.S. dollars. Can you possibly find out the style number for me? I want to see if they have it here and try it on, etc. Thanks so much for all your help Takeoutbox!
  12. it's $1050, i was looking for a pearl belt/necklace too. this one is only for belt, too chunky for necklace.
  13. takeoutbox: Do you know if the store on bloor has the icons necklace/belt? And how much it is in canadian?
  14. bloor has the icon necklace, which is almost choker length, very short, it has 2-3 black beads but the rest are pearls with prints on them. bloor st. definitely has at least 1. price is $400