Price of the small bowler

  1. Anyone know?

    Thanks girls!! :love:
  2. which ligne are you reffering to?? there are different bowlers in different styles... (e.g. cotton club, cambon, luxe, etc.)
  3. This one the one in red!! Its such a gorgeous bag!! I'm not sure which collection it came from..

  4. Anyone know the tag price on this small bowler?
  5. love it, most likely around $2000 it is chanel. but i am not positive
  6. This is the small sized bowler from the luxury ligne. I know the medium size is $2160. The small I would I guess is $1900-2000?
  7. Not sure on the price for the small but I did pay $2160 for my medium sized bowler. I am not sure they make the small size anymore.