Price of the Lune clutch?

  1. Anyone know how much the lune clutch is?

    It was pictured in last month's Elle and they listed the price at $3995 :wtf:...definitely out of my price range. But then I was in NM and they had the violet/black one and the price tag in the interior pocket said $995 :confused1:...which I could probably afford.

    I know my local NM has messed up prices before, so I don't always trust them. Anyone know the REAL price?
  2. When I saw it at NM the tag was marked $995. HTH
  3. i saw it at neiman's in sf and i believe it's $995...
    elle is notorious for having the wrong prices...
  4. Thank you both:flowers: Sounds like I might be able to get this one after all...woohoo :wlae: