price of the Longchamp pliage??

  1. I went last week to Ogilvy(Montreal) and my friend showed me a line of longchamp totes(le Pliage)and i hated them....but i saw a couple of those totes this past week and you know kinda loving them :smile: They are perfect for school and they come in many colors....the thing is i want to go get one tommorow....but i dont know what price they are...i forgot to look....Does anybody know how much they are??
  2. Go to They are an authorized dealer of Longchamp bags and they have a bunch of listings and prices. I believe they also have free shipping. Hope this helps.
  3. thanks so much:smile:
  4. thanks for this site.. will go there too..
  5. ... or go right to and order them. You can choose your own colors, h/w/ embossing. The ship very fast. I always buy my longchamp through them:

    Bienvenue sur la boutique LONGCHAMP
  6. Thanks for the link! I've been trying to find out the price of that new Longchamp suede bag that was in all the magazine ads lately, and the Longchamp site was no help at all. Now that I know it's "only" $698, I can continue to hope that it might be mine one day.
  7. im buying one when i get my birkin and my bolide so that it has a jacket :biggrin:
  8. I got mine straight from Longchamps website. You can completely customize your hag. Mine was $140 with s/h. Love it. There's a pic in my thread in the bag showcase section.

    Good choice, btw. They are workhorses...and they do grow on you.
  9. :lol: That's why I got mine, it's a jacket for my Kelly:roflmfao:
  10. I have a few which I got in Paris at Galeries Lafayette, THE popular place to buy every Longchamps in every color. So popular you take a number while waiting. I'm familiar with, they have a great selection, but I do know the prices on Longchamps are around half in Paris. I saw an adorable one in hot pink with choc. brown trim in a local boutique here. It was not a pliage, but more sturdy. It was $375.00 and in Paris it was $175.00 or so. You'll just have to plan a shopping expedition and go there.

    But the Magnum site is excellent. You should definately buy one!

    Must say these bags are great for travelling, holding everything, and they're not heavy, so they don't hurt your back.:wlae:
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: oh what we do for hermes...
  12. LOL you two!

    I got mine from the outlet, it was for like 64 bucks.
  13. wheres the outlet? thanks!
  14. I got mine at Saks, I have the medium shopper and it was around $115. I totally want another one! I have it in red, but I can't decide which color...maybe navy, black, or green?? Can't decide...
  15. lol i love the jacket idea!! just perfect!!!