Price of Silver Flap from Luxury Ligne

  1. Need help urgently, ladies. My SA has on hold a silver and a black flap from the Luxury Ligne for me. It just came in and I have been wanting it forever. It costs around $2600, after tax. Is this the right price? Anyone who owns this bag, please?
  2. yes, AFTER tax I paid around $2600.

    But, I ADORE my flap!
  3. yep, the price is right.
  4. Thanks ladies!!! I like this bag so much and I just bought a silver spy....should I take the plunge??....
  5. oh this bag ROCKS! Is the black matte or metallic?
    If you have a silver spy, I'd get a black flap.
    The Chanel Rep that hosted our trunk show told me it's his fave bag!
  6. It's the black one. Don't think it's metallic.
    Do you really think it's TDF, Swanky? I love it, but it is pricey and I'm thihnking whether I should buy 2 bags with the money instead.
  7. Does anyone know the price of this bag in Paris, please? I'm not there now and I want to know what the difference might be. Thank you!!
  8. Swanky - I did a search and saw a picture of you with your black flap. You make it look irresistible!! If I buy the bag it will be because you make it look so cute :smile:
  9. I was under the impression that the metallic bags cost more than the non-metallic ones. If that is correct then the black one that your SA has for you is metallic black.
  10. Thanks Tammy!
    I personally never saw it in matte black . . can't comment on the price.
    I do love it and don't think it's coming back, hopefully this will increase it's value!
  11. You should ;)
  12. I just found out the price of the flap in Paris!!! It's so much cheaper there! I've put one on hold so my brother could pick it up for me.
  13. good for you! What flavor?
  14. I'll PM you.
  15. A store i called said that they have 2 sizes in the flap - which size is yours swanky? I love the bag on you!

    Tammy - which color are you getting?