Price of silk and cashmere big scarfs?

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  1. What is the price range?
  2. The prices are on their website...I saw ranges from $725 to over $1,050
  3. Thank you, I know the prices are on website, somehow my iPad refuses to open Chanel paige :sad:
    I'm asking cause I was wondering about deal of pre-loved Chanel cashmere/silk thin big scarf, it's about 652$, and I add a pic so u could see, I havent a clue about how much is it worth?

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  4. lol I forgot your the same person I responded to last time about the site! I just respond and don't look at names im sorry! I cant tell by the pic, it is really small.
  5. I added the link to images, don't know why pic came so small :sad:
  6. Most of the big ones that are cashmere at Chanel are now over $1000. Can't tell you the "value" of the blue one; I guess it's what someone will pay.
  7. The scarf I'm looking it is 70% cashmere and 30% silk, it's a big one, don't know how big but should be big :smile:
  8. The only ones I've seen for less than $1000+ are silk and muslin or small silk ones.
  9. Ok, so ~650$ is propaply quite good price of scarf that is 70% cashmere and 30% silk and it's very big and exellent condition and authenticated by etinceler.