Price of satin clutches?

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  1. Hi LVers... I wandered over here from Balenciaga-land and was wondering what the price is on the logo satin clutches from this season, and what colors they come in besides murakami and the traditional brown. thanks!!!
  2. u mean the jewlerry pouch or the satin evening bag? the latter also comes in black and silver~
  3. I meant the satin evening bag - sorry, I am not up on the LV style names!
  4. The multicolore satin clutch is $1780.
    There is also a silver one that is a small shoulder bag/clutch for $1630
  5. where can I find pics of both the black and silver evening clutches? Does anyone have one of there own, or is there a thread I can go through? Sorry for all the questions!!
  6. Just make sure you purchase the bag in person. I bought the brown satin clutch (definately the most attractive) from elux and the thing would NOT open! It was insane! I had to send it back. It was such a waste! :sad:

  7. Okay, thanks for letting me know! I am going to LV in SF on Saturday to reward myself for finishing finals :yahoo::yahoo:
  8. It's a cute clutch! I wish it were less money though.
  9. Maybe that batch had some issues as I tried on all three here on the weekend and they were really easy to open .. it is such a stunning bag:love:
  10. Yeah Congrats! It's such a gorgeous bag!

  11. I agree, but I have studied my BUTT Off :s
  12. ya know. i think this bag is just for decorational purposes... i dont get it though... they should make the bags a little more versatile if they want them to sell. most people have trouble with the bags opening...