Price of Rivets bag?

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  1. I just saw it on elux and noticed the price was listed at $1,950- but I would have sworn that it was $1,850! Did the price go up or am I just insane? :nuts:
    (btw I have one in my cart if anyone wants it)
  2. it's 1950, too bad it's gone already :sad:
  3. Valley said she had one in her cart!!!
    I checked up on this bag on eBay and not one has sold! Feel bad for the people who invested in one for profit's sake!!!:sweatdrop:
  4. It's still there!
  5. he ;)
  6. i paid 1950 + tax at the store .. didn't buy it to resale but hope it does at least retain it's value .. :nuts:
  7. The mono is $1950