price of pst

  1. how much is the pst in black caviar w/ s/h?
  2. I just bought a PST w/ gold hardware and it was $1350 before tax. Hope this helps!
  3. thanks so much!
  4. Can you post a modeling pic? Dying to see!!!
  5. I think you might have lucked out and got one that still had the old price. I thought the price had increased to $1650 after the November price increases. There are some posts on the new price if you do a search.
  6. Well I got mine at the old price of $1250. But if the price really is 1350, i'll be kind of upset because the SA convinced me to buy the purse on that day because he said that the bag would go up around $250-300!!
  7. ^^Why would you be upset? You got it for $100 less and that pays for the taxes already.