Price of Pre-Loved (2nd Hand) LV going up?

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  1. Please tell me im not the only person who trawls ebay late at night for listings of new bargins! I love it. Its one of my favourite things to do!

    About a year ago now i purchased my Petite Noé for $199 and it was a great catch because the vachetta is in such good condition. I was so pleased. I like to stick round the $199 mark because with the way the dollar is moving at the moment it makes a really good deal for me in the currency exchange as im in the UK.

    Recently i've found it really difficult to find anything that is in decent condition for a reasonable price. Its either trashed, over priced or fake!!!

    Prehaps its because LV has been putting the prices up slowly on everything over the last few months and the resellers have caught on. I mean its good for them because they business is getting healthier.

    I looked on a site called and its almost exactly the same price for me to purchase a second hand speedy (plus payment charges and shipping) as it is for me to actually go to the store and buy a brand new one! Its crazy!!!

    Then again it shows you that LV will never loose its value!!

    Sorry for the long post just a little somthing i had to get off my chest!
  2. I think it might be because of the price increases at LV. It just makes sense.

    You are lucky-- most of my used bags cost around $500! I paid too much for my Petit Noe not long ago, so I think you are right.
  3. i am on ebay everyday looking for great deals...:P

    i try to keep my LV in excellent condition so that it will have resale value if i need ot sell them:yes:
  4. Thank you for the info. I guess once LV prices goes up, it goes up for both new and used items. Good to know.
  5. woo so glad i am not the only person who spends hours on ebay lol!!

    I only really thought about it when i bought my recital. Its a tiny bag that isnt in the greatest condition and it cost the same price as my Petite Noé! its crazy!
  6. Oh, I like to pursue eBay for a great find. It might take months (like it's taking me to find the eclipse)., but it's got to be a bargain in excellent condition. I find the quest fun!
  7. Yup, it's because of LV's prices going up.
    It does make sense...say you're selling a Speedy 30 you bought when it was $620 and you've barely used it (i.e. little to no patina), and are selling for $ don't want to take too much of a loss on what you already paid, and the current price of Speedy 30s are $650. Basing it on that price it's a decent deal.
    So yeah, when LV increases their prices, so do resellers.

    I remember getting a couple of great deals on some of my items (discontinued, but good deals nonetheless). Now those same items are about $100 higher on ebay.
  8. I have definitely noticed this!
  9. ^^ yeah me too :sad:
  10. I've noticed it also.
  11. Yep! I got a sonatine for $150 once, but you really have to troll EBay for those deals, and with he prices going up, they're fewer and further between.
  12. Do they sell only authentic items at this website? their prices are awesome but they dont take paypal so I was wondering..

  13. anyone??