Price of petite shopper?

  1. Anyone know the current price of the petite shopper or whatever it's called. It's not the PST with the snap closure, it's the one with the zipper, but smaller than the GST.
  2. I got mine in Canada for $1275 CAD not including the tax...
    but when I go check last week~~It was $1375CAD now
  3. I think I saw a $1295 USD tag last time. But Bloomingdales still has a PST in pale blue for $1095 as of last week.
  4. i think you guys are quoting the pst with snap closure prices...
    the pst (boxy shaped) with the zip across closure and no shoulder rests on the chain strap is $1750;
    the snap closure one is more rectangular and thinner for $1250.
  5. wow, I've never seen a pale blue pst before. I called and had to explain it really well to the SA, since most of them think there's only one pst, and it turns out the price is $1750 now, almost $300 more than earlier this year, yikes.

  6. exactly. I guess we posted at the same time.:yes: