Price of patchwork bags went UP! Again!!

  1. I just hung up with a rep from 1-866 and was told that the estimated price of the Bowly is now $2550!! :wtf:

    The last time I checked it was $2350.


    They said the estimated price for the speedy was something like $2020. I did not write the price for the Speedy down because I was still in shock fro mthe price of the bowly. But it was over $2K I know

    I hate how the price keeps going up and up. I'll be glad when it finally released. i wonder if the waitlists determine how much the prices go up to? Like if no one was on the waitlist would the price have not been raised so many times?:shrugs:
  2. Over 2K?OMG
  3. Sigh. Good thing I don't like these.
    Thanks for the info :yes:
  4. PIC of the bowly. I still really want this. but I'm so upset now


  5. The blue version

  6. OMG...:hrmm: this is crazy.

    Don't tell me that the Dentelle will be in the same situation, if so I will move down to other bag in my list... :s
  7. And the speedy of course

  8. Wow! Maybe LV will be raising the prices on LE instead of the regular lines this first round?:shrugs:
  9. ARE you SERIOUS???:wtf: :hysteric: :crybaby:
    This is unbelievable!
    Is it CONFIRMED?
    If it is, then I don't know if I will ge the Speedy. So many disappointment this week.:crybaby:
  10. Are these both the bowly? They look different. Is it because it is the front and the back?

  11. That's ridiculous ! I'm glad I don't like them either !!
  12. OMG! For that price, I'd rather get a stephen!!

  13. Yep. Its the front and back
  14. Wow, Now I'm really liking the bowly.

    Do you know if the speedy is different in back too?

  15. Its CONFIRMED :sweatdrop: .

    I just called back to double check and was told the same thing by someone different. the only thing we know is that the price won't go DOWN. it may go up more before its released.

    And i was right about the speedy. It is $2020:hysteric: