Price of ostrich wallet

  1. Hi everyone!

    This is my first post here, and may I just say how much I love it here! This website has quickly become one of my daily addictions, and it's been so helpful and enjoyable in the meantime!

    I just wanted to see if any of you wonderfully savvy ladies here know -- since my SA in Dubai has no idea -- how much is the beige ostrich wallet? (the same kind that comes in the Rive Gauche that Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes helped popularize).

    I'm absolutely in love with the leather, but the bag is a tad too expensive, and I've been asked to order it from the US. Since I'm heading over to that side of the world anyway, I'd like to compare prices and see if I should order it here or just wait a couple months to get the wallet when I travel.

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help me out. :yes:
  2. Wow, 40 views so far and not one person knows! :confused1:

    Perhaps I wasn't clear -- I'm talking about the rive gauche ostrich leather wallet in beige. If anyone could tell me the price of that, I'd be super grateful! Thanks, ladies!
  3. is there any way to send an email to
  4. Ladies, my bad, I just found out it's the wallet that belongs to the Muse collection... Funny enough, unlike the bags which look nothing like each other, this wallet looks exactly like the RG! I wish I could post a picture but I don't know what the PF policies are!
  5. You can post photos... I'd love to see it! You have to go to 'Go Advanced' and upload the photo from your picture file or photo program. Did you find it in ostrich??
  6. :shrugs: ......
  7. Wooow, I would love to get it together with the bag.
  8. I *think* they had a Muse wallet on BlueFly semi recently, couldn't hurt to look.
  9. I got a really pretty ivory muse long wallet on bluefly... they have had them there recently but not the ostrich. Keep checking bluefly because their stock changes frequently. Lately they have had some super wallets from many designers... Balenciaga, Fendi, YSL, Gucci....:yes:
  10. Thanks for all the great advice everyone!

    I do check Bluefly all the time, but I don't think they'd have the ostrich one since it's an item that you order and is not readily available in the store. Also, unfortunately, Bluefly does not deliver to where I live! (Dubai, U.A.E.).

    Karo, how I would LOVE to have this bag together with the wallet in taupe! My God, it's an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful bag and definitely on my top 3 list (the top 1 and 2 positions being taken by a Birkin and another Birkin!!!)
  11. I cant wait to get my ostrich rive gauche in jungle ....nxt i will have to get a wallet ....:graucho: