Price of necklace?

  1. Looks like a fake to me.
  2. I think it's called the Sellier. Price, I'm not sure, will leave that to someone else to answer. If push comes to shove, there's always the Hermes jewelry department.
  3. Hi farmer, I have 2 necklaces very similar to the one that you posted, the pendants on mine are a Kelly & a Birkin. The description tags read:

    Pendentif Amulettes (Birkin) 40cm Argent
    Pendentif Amulettes (Kelly) 40cm Argent

    Each necklace is ~US$460 incl. tax. HTH! :flowers:
  4. Thank you very much!! I'm thinking of asking for this as a Christmas present. :graucho:
  5. Please buy it from the store. There are a bunch of fakes on the website you posted.
    Merry Christmas!!!
  6. Anytime, Farmer! :flowers: This would be wonderful & I'm sure you'll love it. The loop-thru' (don't know what it's called) for wearing the necklace really is a special touch! I get lots of compliments when I wear mine & people always ask me, "Where did you get such a pretty necklace?" :shame: And of course, I would proudly say...."AIR MESSS"!! :P

    I second Hello that you should ask your D-whoever to buy your present from the H store - it will come with a wonderful hard wood orange box & a little brown pouch for you to store the necklace! :flowers:
  7. Oh yes.. I'll definitely tell them to go to the boutique.. I don't trust these websites. I just used it as an example because I couldn't find this necklace on the H website. :P
  8. Gigi, if you have pics of your necklaces can you post them to share with us?

    Are they still available for purchase at the boutiques?