Price of MJ bags in Hong Kong

  1. Can someone pls tell me how they compare to other countries? or would it be cheaper for me to order from the US even though i have to pay sales tax
  2. I think it would be the same. I was in Korea recently and the luxury bags(Gucci, Chanel) were the same price in the US after conversion. I don't think you can save any money that way... Why would you pay sales tax if you order from the US? Usually if shipping out of state/out of the country, I would imagine that there's no sales tax added to a US purchase, as long as the business doesn't have a physical location in your area.

    Now customs on the other hand....
  3. thanks thi thi.. yeah i mean customs heehehehe.... cos last year i asked my friend to look for the stam for me and it turned out to be ard $1600US... im looking for the quilted multipocket over there
  4. Ok... well good luck! I hope you find one at a reasonable cost!
  5. Hello bagwhore83, I was in HK last summer and bought a MJ bag there. List price is almost the same but you save on sales tax. Where are you planning buy from Hong Kong.FYI, I was born there so a real Hong Kongnese.
  6. i dont know where to go, any suggestions? im after the cobalt blue quilted multipocket.. it rtails for US1095 i think, so just hoping HK wont b much mre exp... im after a miu miu coffer as well so hopefully they will have it in stock
  7. MJ has a boutique in THE LANDMARK shop 104 tel:852-2868-9782 (it's on the MJ website)

    and you could also check out Lane Crawford --> high end dept store, i believe they carry MJ. Someone mentioned buying an MJ from there....

    Tell us what you see/find!!! good luck!
  8. Thanks bubblicious i will b there beg of feb so will keep u guys updated!!