Price of medium soft spongy black Mabel??

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Do you think that asking 495 pounds for a new medium black soft spongy Mabel is too much? It seems too much to me, isn't it cheaper in the outlets (not substandard), as it is discontinued? Seller on Ebay says that it is AW10.

  2. Hi, I have just bought one from Cheshire Oaks (mail order) for £416 (not a second, just old stock). I would be surprised if the seller had one from the A/W because I understand that Mulberry have stopped making them. Hope that helps!
  3. Why don't you keep ringing round the outlets, i'm sure one will turn up soon. I guess with regards to the price of an ebay bag, it's worth whatever your willing to pay for it.. If the seller has problems selling it they may be willing to drop their price though. Given the choice, it may be better to wait for one to turn up at an outlet at least then you have the option to retun if it doesn't suit.
  4. It's always worth giving the outlets a call - I saw your Authenticate post, this particular seller seems to obtain stock from there.

    I saw a bag the seller was listing at the weekend which they also called AW2010 which I know for a fact was AW08.
  5. York had a couple of black soft spongy a few days ago so worth a call? Priced at £416 they were. And definitely not AW10.