Price of Large Dark Brown Betty

  1. Hello ladies,

    I have an offer to buy a new authentic large Betty in dark brown for $2200. I don't own any Chloes and wonder if this sounds correct? Should I be asking for less? Thanks for any input!
  2. Thanks Lordginny! I know something was strange but I didn't know what the usual retail was. I will pass on it then :smile:)
  3. TammyD,
    There was a large Brown Betty at Nordstrom Mission Viejo on sale for around 1100, a couple of days ago.
  4. I bought that one and it is being shipped to me. I am trying to decide if I want that size or the smaller one I have. I also have a smaller ivory one and a brown hobo. If I decide I don't want the larger brown betty satchel one I will let you know when I'm returning it and you can call my SA and have it sent to you. I think the price will be around $700. So many choices and they were all 40% off plus an additional 30%. thanks to the forum I'm going broke but I'm happy.
  5. I agree on the $2200 being too high, and get one with rings- the plain ones are cute but the goatskin ring Bettys are TDF!
  6. Great Loren,
    Glad someone here got it! Did you get the one with/without rings?
  7. That's over retail. I just paid $716 plus tax for the large. It's beautiful.
  8. i didn't even ask about the rings. the smaller one I have has the rings. I guess I'll find out when it arrives.
  9. Loren, what color is the Med. one please?
  10. i have the choco brown one and they are sending me the ivory one in that size too.
  11. I feel sick!! Why do I keep missing these great deals on sales???

    Thanks for the input, ladies!!
  12. Loren, would you also let me know if you plan to return the large choco Betty? Of course, TammyD gets the first priority. :biggrin: Thanks!!
  13. I will. It will be three weeks before I get them because I am going on vacation. I will start a new thread when they arrive and let you know which ones will be returned and available to purchase. tammy first of course. I'm leaning towards my small, the one I already have, but I wanted to look at the bigger one side by side first before i decide since it was such a great deal. you can have Nordstrom do a search for you for their stores throughout the country and I bet they can find one. good luck.
  14. Thanks, Loren! I think I will pay my SA a visit sometime this weekend and see if she can find me one for the same price. I hope I don't see the paddy shoulder bag again otherwise I might forget I'm looking for Betty. Keep feeding the addiction...:biggrin: