price of kelly retourne 35

  1. Hello everybody,

    Can someone tell me the price appr. of the kelly 35?
  2. In France a 35 Kelly in Togo or Clemence leather costs 4150 Euro, approx. 6161 USD.
    This is a 2007 price, ie before the hike.
  3. Yup, in the U.S. a Togo 35 Retourne Kelly was $6,100 in 12/07
  4. End of last year 35 retourne swift: 4250EUR
  5. thanks guys for your help!!
  6. I paid 4360 euro, a couple of months ago, for a 35 retourné Box Kelly!
  7. In DC, Box calf and chevre are more, whether retourne or sellier.
  8. whoa, duna -- spill girl!!!! we need the rest of the story -- like, color???? congrats!
  9. ^^^ LOL! You nosy girl....LOL! It was my SO from July 06 that finally arrived last November; it's a chocolate Box retourné 35 Kelly with G/H! It took a year and a half to arrive, but well worth the wait!:heart::girlsigh:
  10. moi???? yes, i suppose that would be me. :p

  11. With the projected increase what would a 35 retourne Kelly be??