Price of J12

  1. Last time I bought a Cartier pasha instead of a J12. I think it is a nice watch but couldn't stop thinking of J12. Now I am selling some of my bags :wtf: to fund for my new watch and also a Christmas present for my BF. Anyway, I have no idea of the retail price now.

    My dream nearly comes true as now I have $ 3,000. Anyone know the retail price now? and Do you think I can get any discount if I will buy it in UK?

    I prefer the normal one and the one with diamond bazel. Thank you!
  2. Not sure what UK prices are but I have the J12 w/o diamonds - got it last year and it was well over USD4000 - I am sure it is much more now. Just call Chanel.
  3. I was just at the Chanel in Ala Moana. I believe the one with diamond markers was $5,xxx. The one with the full diamond bezel was $11,xxx.

  4. Mmm. This is terrible that I can't remember, but my 33mm with diamond markers was either $4600 or $4900 (I think $4600)
  5. Before the price increase, the 33mm was 3650 without the diamonds and 4650 with the diamond markers. I don't remember the price of the 38mm because it was too big for me. I think it might have been around 3950 without the markers, but that I am not sure of.
  6. Thanks gals! I need a bit more of saving :smile:
  7. The 33mm j12 with markers is $4850. I was given this price about 2 weeks ago. I hope they just didn't go up in price along with the increase. If they did, then it's over 5K now. Hopefully, watches weren't increased.
  8. Vicky I think the smaller sized plain bezel is a little over £2000
    You can get discounts if you buy from an Jeweller that stocks Chanel rather than Chanel themselves it may take a little negoiation but it can be done.
    Failing that book a holiday to the US ( I think ) fly from Terminal 3 Heathrow were they sell Chanel Duty Free!
  9. Omg, vicky the watch in your avatar is way too hot!!!! do you have any other pics of it? what is it called?