Price of Italian bags in Italy

  1. I'm going to Italy next month and i'm thinking to get new italian brand bags such as Gucci,Prada,Fendi. Do you know if they are cheaper than in UK or US or not? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I have a friend who will be visiting Northern Italy during the end of September, and she offered to pick up a handbag for me at that time. So, the question that Meandmybags has asked this forum is timely for me, too. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks!
  3. Italian bags prices are considerably cheaper in Italy than in the US.. I know cuz I saw a bottega veneta bag that I wanted in Neiman Marcus and called around in Italy to comapre prices, biiiig difference!
  4. comapre = compare .. typo sorry
  5. They are cheaper, especially Gucci - I was in Italy in June and got some good deals.
  6. There is a big difference, that's even bigger when you figure getting the VAT back.
  7. Thanks to everyone for all your input. Sounds like I might make a good Fendi or Gucci purchase if I can hold out for another two months. I only wish I could be going to Italy this year. Maybe next year. Thanks, again!
  8. Thanks everyone. I guess i have to start saving money and restrain myself from buying bags now. Unfortunately, i live in UK so i can not get the tax refund. Anyway, i'm sure that will not prevent me from buying things there.
  9. Definitely, even LV was cheaper after collecting tax.
  10. I'm going to Italy in October as well! I already plan on picking up some LV in Paris (about $150 cheaper, close to $200 after VAT) and would love to pick up some Gucci items in Italy. This is a timely post!
  11. gosh, now I wanna go to Italy too....too bad I have to wait at least a yr before I can even think of going..... especially since I would need a job first.. hehehe
  12. This may sound dopey but in which city can I go and buy some really great purses??? I'm going to Italy too. I'm going to Rome, Florence, Venice and the Vatican.
  13. Kitty,
    What were some of the price differences? I am going to Rome and Paris in late November. I want to get a bag but I am not sure if I can still afford them. Can you give some examples?

  14. Yes!! Tell us, Kitty, please, about the great shops in Rome and Florence. I'm sure I'll be getting something in either of those places!