Price of H bags other than Birkin, Kelly, or Bolide?

  1. The talk about the Massai got me much do they currently cost? I tend not to ask my SAs prices for things I won't consider buying that day, but it would be good to know for future planning! :graucho:

    How 'bout it? Any current price quotes on the Massai, Plume, Constance, Evelyn, etc.?

    I know the Constance is expensive, but I have no idea about some of the other styles. TIA!
  2. FF, the Massai PM we saw yesterday was $2,850. A bargain!!
  3. Isn't that funny that a 3K H bag is suddenly a bargain?!?! :p I remember not too long ago a >1K Chanel bag was ridiculous IMO - oh what a long way I've come - yikes!

    But I totally know what you mean - thanks! I was interested in how much it was - all those beautiful colors made the Massai look very fab and modern!
  4. the massai is bigger than my cacahuete but less because it's not leather lined. 3.5 years ago my bag was just over 3k i think - don't know about now.
  5. Massai come in different sizes. They start about 3k
  6. Evelyne PM without the front pocket 1675 but by the time you pay the tax and buy a twilly to shorten the handle - almost 2 K!
  7. The 32cm Plume in Fjord I tried on was around $6K. I was pretty shocked!
    The Trim II 35cm in Clemence was around $3,850 a few months ago.
  8. i bought my plume 28 2 years ago for 5k, i think plume and bolide have the similar price range.

    right now a jpg kelly is around 3k.
  9. ^ wow, that is GORGEOUS! I want to know too!
  10. ^^ The Paris-Bombay starts around $3500-$4000 I think.