price of GST already up

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  1. its 3540 singapore dollar here!!!!
    few days back it was 2900
    thats so sad makes me wanna cry:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::tdown:
  2. OMG!!
    Thats crazy!
  3. yes and they have also incresed prices on all watches sa just told me. they may push iit even more by may. is that fair or what???
  4. no no no
  5. wow, is that around USD400 increase??
  6. It'll be getting unaffordable soon if the price continues to increase drastically like it is now, guess gotta switch to other designer bags........
  7. And I was actually told that the GST with G/H was S$3540 last month 'cos I am on waitlist for one but with S/H :confused1:
  8. yes i believe the gst was already $3540 in Jan when the price increase took effect from $2900
  9. oh ok is it the same price in hongkong too?
  10. er... so will the price go up again from SGD3540?
  11. :wtf: The increases are insane!
  12. What would this be in USD?
  13. the prices in toronto for the GST and classic flaps are still the same. The SA told me she never heard anything about a price increase but she does know that US prices have increased, but is unsure if Cdn prices will increase....

    but I'm pretty sure they will.. so all us Canadians better buy one before the increase!!!
  14. Oh no, I guess I won't be getting any more Chanel 'til Christmas:crybaby:
  15. Ugh.