Price of groom bandeau?

  1. I've looked at several threads concerning the groom bandeau, but couldn't find the price. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. i want to know, too. it's so cute!
  3. $110.00 for the long one
    $140.00 for the 22x22
  4. LOL you're quick Everlong. Anyway, courtesy of Laurence ( miss you:sad: ).- Bandeuau Groom
    100% Cotton
    M72126 - Red $110.00
    M72128 - Yello $110.00

    Bandana Groom
    M72127 - Red $140.00
    M72129 - Yellow $140.00
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. I keep thinking about one of these....would look so cute tied to a bag!
  7. Which one do you think would look best? The square one or the longer thin one????>>
  8. I think the longer thin one looks better tied to a bag! I know one of our members posted a pic of it a little while ago!
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