Price of Epi Speedy in Canada

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  1. Does anyone know how much a new epi speedy 25 retails for in Canada?
  2. hmmm, i know the mono is $660 CDN plus tax. not sure on the epi, but that should help you figure out the conversion from USD on elux
  3. Yep, the epi 25 is $985 before taxes in whatever province you're in, and the 30 is $1050.
  4. Thanks!

    It's slightly better than what I thought it would be. :biggrin:

    Now to save money and decide on which colour to get: mocha or black? Any suggestions anyone? :blink:

    Also, does anyone know if they have epi speedy's readily available here?
  5. Yes, the epi Speedy is readily available at the LV boutiques. Holt Renfrew might have one size but not the other, depending on how large your local Holt's LV stock is.

    I prefer black over moka. :smile:
  6. I prefer the mocha colour.. ;)

    You can also request that Holts transfer a bag for you I believe if there isn't one at your local Holt's. Hopefully you're in Ontario though, where there's not only the large Holt's, but also the Louis Vuitton boutique just down the street !
  7. casting my vote for the black:biggrin:
  8. i love the black, getting the 25 when my parents go to france in hard to wait!
  9. black!
  10. black ;)
  11. Wow....landslide for black! I'm leaning more towards black too. I figured it would be more timeless....but I guess I will have a better idea when I see it in person. Considering this will be my first LV, I want it to last absolutely forever... ;)

    As it is right now, my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for wanting a bag that's close to $1000; but I'm falling in love with it, and I figured that's all that matters! :love:

    I have another question: online, it looks as though the black is slightly shinier than the mocha. Is this true?