Price of East West Caviar flap?

  1. Can anyone help out an Hermes 'ho who needs a little Chanel fix? hehe :nuts:
    I think I've decided on this bag in black Caviar with silver HW. Anyone know the current retail after price increase? How easy/hard is it to find this bag at Chanel? Is it a store shelf staple or will I have to do some hunting?

    Thanks ladies!!
  2. I think the current price is $1395. Although you may have to call a few stores, I don't think it will be hard to find. Hope this helps!
  3. I was one last week at Saks Beverly Hills.
  4. SOMEONE NEEDS AN INTERVENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p
  5. ^ CRAP! Is there nowhere to hide from you!!??? LOLOL!!!

    Seriously. Just one lil' Chanel Evening bag...still PLENTY left for the Kelly.

  6. haha!! I'd take a kelly over a chanel anyday!!
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. BUMP

    does anyone know the current retail price for 2008?
  9. I think $1395 is long, long gone- Last I heard the caviar I am almost positive was $17XX don't remember exactly and lambskin higher.........:heart:H
  10. ^ thank you!
  11. I thought it was either $1795 or $1895. Definitely no longer $1395.
  12. I bought a lambskin one a few months ago and it was $1995, so I would assume caviar is $1795 or $1895 now.
  13. Yesterday at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto I was looking at a black caviar with gold hardware. It was priced at $1725. They also had it with silver hardware.
  14. Wow I didn't realize it was so expensive already. :s Thanks for the info!
  15. How depressing. =/