Price of David Yurman

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  1. I raised the question in my another thread, but it might be easier here opening a new thread.

    How do you think of the price of David Yurman jewelry? Is it worthy when some of DY's pieces are made from silver + a bit gold or diamond? Is it the craft or design?

    Want to see your perspective, thanks.
  2. I think DY jewelry is pretty expensive. I'm no expert, but there isn't enough real "rare" things in the jewelry to justify the price tag for me. That being said, there's a huge markup on ALL designer jewelry, and I've been pining for a Cartier Love. There is status that comes with owning designer jewelry, and that does't come for free! :biggrin:
  3. I only have three pieces of DY, I find them to be of excellent quality. One cuff is fourteen years old now and still worn at least three times a week. It looks just as good as new!
  4. Is it worth the price in terms of the materials used, etc? Absolutely not. You're paying mostly for the name and brand of the jewelry. This doesn't mean it's bad quality. It's all relative to how much you'd be willing to pay for it, and if that matches what they're charging, then go for it! I think of it in the way that the longer I have it, the more it will "pay itself off." If it's nice and not a ludicrous price, I'd probably get it :smile:
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  5. I love the designs and I think the prices are justifiable given the quality. For me if I'm spending my money on sterling silver I prefer it to have a special design and not just be plain like Tiffany. No offense to Tiffany lovers but I've seen similar designs on Blue Nile.

    I have many pieces from David Yurman and his style is timeless, classic, and easy for me to wear everyday.
  6. I own four Yurman pieces, and I am happy with all of them. They are expensive for sterling silver, but they are also much better made than most of the no-name sterling jewelry out there. There are quite a few attempts to copy Yurman designs out there, but there is simply no comparison in terms of heft and craftsmanship. I think if you like the style of David Yurman, go for it.
  7. David Yurman is expensive, but their pieces are really well made. I have several pieces that range from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and one watch and I love them all.

    For example, I have a long black bead DY necklace and also a long black bead Chanel necklace. I know my Chanel is CJ, but when you compare it against my DY necklace, you can tell that the DY necklace is really well made and worth the money for what it is. I think DY is worth the investment if you are planning to give a lot of love.
  8. Yes its a lot, but I love the design and how durable it is. I have three rings, two of which I have worn every day for 2 years and they still look brand new. I take them to get steamed every few weeks but I'm not particularly gentle. I also have several bracelets that I wear very frequently and still look great. Yes its expensive for silver but the designs are timeless and they are perfect for everyday.
  9. Do I think it is worth it as far as the materials? No way. But it's no different than anything else designer. You are paying a huge markup for the brand. With that being said, I think if you really love something and it makes you happy, it is totally worth it, regardless of price (assuming you can afford it of course).
  10. David Yurman jewelry is definitely expensive. If you love his jewelry (like I do), it is worth it. Some of his newer pieces are questionable; I like his classic jewelry. The design is excellent, but you are paying for the name.
  11. I prices have really jumped too. A ring that I bought a few years ago for $350 is now $900. And earrings that I bought for 850 is now $1400.

    If I could go back in time I would have told myself not to buy any of it and check out qvc or hsn instead.
  12. i definitely think DY pieces are worth their price. they are well-made and i love that the pieces are distinctive, you can always tell if something is a DY piece. are you paying for that distinction? absolutely! is it worth it? absolutely!

    i have 3 rings and one cuff. since i only wear Yellow gold i love how he mixes his metals so i can still wear his designs and they blend in with the rest of my jewelry. i've recently purchased a two-tone Michele watch. one of the reasons i chose the two-tone was i love how DY cuffs and bracelets look with the Michele watches.
  13. I've been debating that myself, but really, I love DY, although not all of it. The newest cables are way too much for silver and bits of gemstone, even though the design is great, and the more reasonable ones are so thin, I just pass. That said, I did buy an 8 chain box bracelet I love because it fits and is so comfortable to wear, yet it dresses up whatever I wear. I wear it with an old fashioned diamond ring and it totally modernizes it. I have been going towards John Hardy lately, love the detail and the interest and the support for the community, so I am moving away from DY, but that said, if one loves DY, watch for auctions - they do estate jewelry and you can get great pieces at a very reasonable cost, and you are guaranteed authenticity from a reputable auction house.
  14. I typically only wear gold jewelry, but have been bitten with the David Yurman bug lately. I have found my cable buckle bracelet w/ 18kg + SS and pearl cable bracelet to be of excellent quality.
  15. It seems overpriced for what it is, materially. That said, the designs seem popular. If you are going to get it, look around. I always see it at BlueFly or LastCall or SaksFifthOff.