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  1. Anyone knows whats the price of a Crocodile Kelly 32cm?? Approx!

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Glazed or matte? Niloticus or Porosus? Rigide or souple?:flowers: From what I was told, a glazed POROSUS croc Kelly 28cm rigide will be around $19K to $20K. Depending on the type of croc, size, glazed vs matte, it can vary by several thousand dollars. I was told that Niloticus can be 2K to 3K less:flowers:
  3. Oh my!!! i didnt think of all these details.. but i guesses crocodile would be in the same range whether its glazed/matte/niloticus/porosus/etc!!! I suddenly feel dizzy with all these words :Push:

    Thank you Kou! :flowers:
  4. My numbers are probably off though. When I asked the SA she couldn't give me an actual number, the 19K to 20K for the glazed porosus rigide Kelly 28cm is just a ballpark figure.
  5. Wow! I thought it would be around 14K. I was offered one like 2 + years ago, and I think I remember it to of been 12K. So, I am adjusting to today. Also, isn't a 35cm Birkin in croc about 20K ?
  6. I think Birkin 35 in croc was 23K last year, not sure. I tried to ask my SA but she said they don't even have the pricing in the book for porosus so she could only estimate.

    The Kelly that was offered to you 2 years ago, what size was it and what type of croc was it? i'd love to have a croc kelly one of these days:love:
  7. I have to pm you....
  8. Btw, just want to mention that the same SA who gave me the estimate on porosus also said that Niloticus is around 16K.:yes: I'm sure the experts on this forum can shed light on this, my numbers are probably off again, won't be the first time:lol: .
  9. Last I heard, a 35 cm nilo. Kelly was 20,000, a 30 birkin 23900, and a 35 matte birkin 28900. but this changes so fast, by the time the bag is actually at the store it will probably be more!
  10. 32cm Nilo. glazed rigide is around $15-16k
  11. I'm looking for a JPG kelly (the little guy) in Glazed Miel. My SA found one in matte for $8300 but has yet to find one that's glazed.

    Expensive little buggers but just stunning...

  12. in may 2010 show me (if i remember well) niloticus 32 cm for 18,000 euro - 12,000 for the 28cm
  13. This is a really old thread. Closing it as people can find this info on the pricing thread.
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