Price of City Going Up!!!!

  1. I was speaking to my SA today about a coral red city hehe
    and she looked in the book and told me that the price was going up from 1295 to 1495 that is kind of annoying i know 200 bucks isnt a lot but i dont know how i feel about paying 2000 bucks for a handbag when tax is added and everything : (
  2. Isn't the City $1195? And Part Time is $1295?

    There was a price increase on the Work and Weekender styles a couple of years ago, mainly to make room for the Part Time pricing.
  3. A RH city costs USD$1195 ... where did she get 1295 from?
  4. Were you talking to Linda? :pI know prices are going to go up in F/W about $100 but the City is $1195 not $1295.
  5. Well this is sad news, whether the price will go up by a hundred or a couple hundred, it's still alot of money for some of us!!Sigh...I know we all love our Bbags but IMO , with the quality of the leathers coming out this 08, Im not so sure about that price hike...I mean the ones I've seen are either paper thin or almost about ready to crack!!:tdown:
  6. haha yes i was talking to linda how did you know that?????
  7. oh it was over the phone so i cant be positive just what im hearing has anyone else heard anything of this
  8. She is my sa :yes:and a sweet one too. :tender:I called to ask her about the Ivory color and she told me, a lady just called about the new Red in the City. She siad they should be getting the Red and Turq. soon. :yahoo:After i read your post i figured that lady had to be you.:p
  9. haha that is a funny story i didnt know anyone else on the forum was from tampa it is so small haha
  10. No i don't live in Tampa,:nogood: i just shop at NM Tampa (over the phone of course) heehee.:lol: Linda is my sa at Tampa store and she is the best and the sweetest.:tup:I have two great sas at NM: Lee at Short Hill NJ and Linda at Tampa Fl. I love them both.:love:
  11. ick price increase...oh well I love Balenciaga so much its okay!
  12. Oh, I have to save an additional $200 for 2 Cities *sigh*:sad:
  13. oh bummer! a price increase is never good news...even if it's "only" 100. So the city is going up to 1295? At least it's not as bad as 1495- yikes!!! Well, at least it's not as bad as chanel's price hikesl!!
  14. Still at $1,295 a pop, it's a big, chunka change to drop on any 1 bag. I'm really going to be more selective because I can't afford to be picky at this rate.:hrmm:
  15. tsk. thankfully i'm not much of a City girl. i should probably buy a Black City soon. :hysteric: