price of chanels!! i need to figure u out!

  1. hi guys i'm DEF new to chanel and i really want something chanel i looked around this site and googled but i just cant find out how much a chanel bag is.
    is everything about 1k?
    how much are the quilted ressiue (don't kno how to spell it) but the one with the flap and chains?
    how much is the cabas?
    how much is the bowler bag?
    what is the cheapest one?
    best of all .. where is there a site i can find that shows all the prices?
    also, i'm lookign for soething around teh 1k range, any ideas?

  2. You aren't going to find anything for 1k.

    As for the prices... there is no site. If you go to the reference thread and look at the pictures, a lot of people have prices with their pictures.

    The reissue varies depending on size. I just got a large and it was around 2500 plus tax.

    The cabas is around 2000 plus tax.

    There are a bunch of bowlers.

    There is no "cheapest bag"... I think most people pick out what they like, and then go from there, they don't generally get a bag based on price (unless its a sale or deal on eBay).

    Good luck!!
  3. Yes that's true. The clutch itself is about 1 k. For the rest of the bag, it's around 2k or more I believe. Well if you're lucky to get good item when it's on sale, then you might get the good price.
  4. ^^ well put japskivt, this forum is possibly your best resource on the internet for chanel items. chanel does not publish its prices on theinternet as they arenot affiliated or own an online retailer (like LVMH owning elux). it retains it exclusivity this way and makes the consumer much more appreciative of the appeal of chanel, the boutique experience, though it's not necessary to buy from boutiques, i usually don't-is the way people find out of how they like the bags they see here IRL.

    welcome and goodluck!
  5. There have been quite a few threads like this lately. Common suggestions have been the cotton club pochette and the Timeless Clutch ($995) I believe. If you're planning on buying anything Chanel I would do so before the September price increase!
  6. LOL, sad but true.
  7. You could always try vintage Chanel, there are a few on eBay which go for around 1K. You can always ask the ladies in the authentication thread if you are not sure about authenticity.

    BTW when you say 1K do you mean dollars or pounds because you could buy a cabas for that price in pounds and the reissues are slightly dearer (depending on size)?? Please clarify your currency.