Price of Chanel Scarves

  1. Does anybody know how much they run? More or less expensive than Hermes??

  2. i dont know either...but im curious as well:smile:
  3. Love to see some pictures - if anyone has any??????
  4. This is the one I'm thinking about buying.

  5. I don't know anything about the scarves...pricing, etc.

    It is very nice and speaks of French - all the way.:smile:

    Good luck on getting more info. Someone on here has to know about the scarves.
  6. It depends on the size and the material. I bought a smaller carré which was about 180 €.
  7. I'll take a guess and say they are about 500-300 dlls. It all depends on the size and material
  8. Hi Sherry!! ;)

    That is a beautiful scarf, I love all the sweet treats and pastries printed on it. Chanel scarves are actually quite reasonably priced. I'm not sure how much Hermes scarves are, but I recently purchased two Chanel silk scarves and I'd say they run in the $200 to $400 range. There are some photos and exact prices here:

    Hope this helps!! :smile:
  9. Jenn,

    Thanks for posting! I love both of yours but especially the blue one. Just gorgeous!!

    I'm thinking about buying the one I posted to wear with the purple bag in my avatar. I recently started wearing scarves and twillies and just love the look.
  10. I just bought the same scarf butterfliie has in her photos (the aqua one) and it was $250. US. before taxes. It's not square but oblong, and maybe 40+ inches long. Fits nicely on lowrise pants, or on your bag. Will measure it if someone really needs to know, :yes:
  11. i only know the price of 1 item, it's long, with a bunch of coco's head. price is $375CAD.
  12. Your gorgeous python doesn't need any "dressing up"...adding the scarf would just increase the :drool: factor!
  13. No, I want to "wear" the scarf and carry the bag. I know, I've had to clarify that to several people.

    I usually wear all black whenever I carry that bag anyways - it speaks for itself. But I think a fun scarf (which I seem to be obsessed with lately) would be a nice touch. And to see just a "little" purple would be kind of classy and not overpowering!
  14. I have one Chanel scarf - Baby Animals - purchased earlier this year for €230 (about $300US without tax). I hope to buy another this summer.
  15. Wow the baby animal scarf is sooo cute love the colours :biggrin: