Price of Chanel logo rhinestone necklace???

  1. Hi,

    I have made several posts these past few days about the rhinestone jewelry :smile: I think I have decided I for sure want to get the necklace :tup: So now I am trying to make a decision. A reputable seller on eBay has them for $229 but people on this board have said that is overpriced? How much do they normally retail for? I thought when I asked a SA on the phone today she said $375? Maybe I heard incorrectly or she was talking about a different necklace?

    This is the one I want..
    (picture borrowed for someones post on this forum)

    Thanks so much are all amazing!!:heart:
  2. the crystals fall out very easily. I had mine for a month and had to replace it twice. Finally gave up and got earrings instead. It runs 250 if I remember correctly