Price of CHANEL IN US!!

  1. due to the recent price in canada...I think Chanel in Canada is too expensive to purchase follow a 13% tax and lack of bag selection.

    I was wondering if you guys can tell me the price of the following bag...and is US price increase yet??

    I want to know the price of GST, E/W in lambskin and caviar, ulitmate soft, and baby cabas bag and also a caviar medium flap and medium lamb flap

    thanks everyone for all the help...
  2. these are the ones that I know of,
    *E/W caviar is currently $1395 (i believe is $1495 for lambskin)
    *baby cabas is currently $1995
    *caviar medum is currently $1995 ($2095 for lambskin)

    hope that helps you!
  3. shop princess~~Is tht the increase price?
  4. No, the prices quoted above is the pre-price increase.
  5. GST is $1895 (posted everywhere ;))
  6. the e/w lambskin is $1550,
    the ultimate soft small is $1595
    the medium lambskin classic flap is $1950 (coz my friend just bought one, i know for sure)...
  7. My medium Lambskin flap was $2050 - perhaps because it is Red? Bijoux chain?
    Not sure why, but it was $100 more than $1950. :s
  8. mine blue medium lambskin was 2150?
  9. Medium lambskin flap is definitely more than $1950, since the caviar is $1995 and lambskin is always more...