Price of Chanel in Spain

  1. Hi all, do we have any members in Spain? Or anybody can let me know the price of Chanel in Spain?

    My friends are going to Barcelona next week, if the price there is good, I might be able to get them to help me get a Chanel.

    Are the prices of Chanel as good as in Paris? and any VAT refund in Barcelona? the %?

    Thanks so much.;)
  2. Sorry dont the price in spain but guessing it would be on par with Paris as they both sell in euros.. Where about's in Spain? Ive been to the Barcelona boutique and can tell you i was not impressed. The boutique is small with an equally small selection.
  3. Yah, agree that the selection is quite limited. In fact, I think the Madrid boutique was slightly better. The VAT refund is around 10%, which is less than France and Italy, I think.