Price of Chanel in France

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  1. Would anyone know how much a 2.55 costs in France? Or any chanel for that matter
  2. The same it would cost here, once converted from the Euro. I was just in France a few months ago.
  3. Really? I just figured it would be somewhat cheaper in France. I know it's cheaper in tha US than it is here in Australia.
  4. The SA in Canada told me that Chanel is much more in France due to some kind of tax we have to pay.
  5. But wouldn't you get your VAT back when you left the country so it may be a little cheaper?
  6. You do get the tax back but with the Euro stronger than the dollar, I doubt that it's cheaper. When the dollar was stronger, everything in Europe was a bargain (compared to here, of course!).
  7. Last April I bot a LV in Paris - Even with the Euro being stronger,when I came home and priced the bag here at my local Saks and was surprised to find I had still saved $50.00!! I leave again for Paris on April 5th - This year I am going to look for a more modest purchase in a Gerard Darel since I already have a great Chanel tote.