price of chanel in Europe? &help in deciding

  1. Does anybody have an idea how much a grand Shopping Tote would cost in europe? Euro? An aunt is going and offered to buy a bag for me... Is the reissue 227 still available there and how much?
    im planning to get my 1st chanel-- i wanted a coco cabas but since it's quite hard to get , im leaning towards reissue or GST or the classic flap... i want an everyday bag that can be dressy, too... Im 5'7 and 150lbs... pls help.
  2. I *think* that the GST was around 1750 euros in Amsterdam on Friday. If I am wrong,it will be by about a couple of hundred euros,not more. I tried on so many bags...but I think that this was the price. I'm confused...most bags I tried on were around the 1500-1750 mark,but some were around 1350...I think that was the PST and a few other small hand held bags though.

    Does 1750 sound right???:shrugs:

    If it helps at all,the jumbo classic flap is *definitely* 1650 you can work out the relative GST price from that?
  3. I agree with Quirky on the price of the jumbo lambskin flap.
    The medium lambskin flap is 1470 euro.

    I tried on the GST a while ago, but I can't remember for the life of me how much it was :shrugs:
  4. Hi! I can tell you prices in Italy of last December.

    Classical flap: starting from 930 euro the mini version. The small was about 1300 and the medium about 1500 euro. I can't remeber the largest and for sure the jumbo was not in the store.

    Reissue: I have not seen it in the Venice store or I don't remember.

    I haven't see there the GST while I saw the Madamoiselle camera bag, it was between 1000 and 2000 but can't remember, sorry.

    There was also the east west model that was 1100 euro.
  5. I got the red lambskin medium w/h the new chain for 1600 Euros and the same in jumbo was 1680.The 225 light silver reissue was 1500/I got it in January I don't know if the price is still the same.I live in Vienna ,Austria;
    also the boutique in Venice,Italy carries the same prices.I don't know if prices in Paris are slightly cheaper
    they used to be some time ago.Generally prices are cheaper in Europe and you also get a tax refund!:yes:
  6. My medium claasic flap in lambskin was 1600€ and there aren't any reissues left, they're long gone therefor I bought mine in the US in January.
  7. I don't think Chanel is cheaper in Europe: when I decided to buy my first Chanel, I wanted a e/w bag because the Pfs paid it 1050 dollars in the Usa. In Italy was 1050 euro, that's a 20% more!
  8. I will be getting my medium classic flap in a few days, i will tell you the price we then can compare up-to-date price. I also interested to find out is it cheaper to get it in Europe.
  9. I agree with Alice.
    If your an American citizen the bags in Europe is more expensive.
    For a European United Citizen the bags in America or cheaper.
  10. Most USA prices listed on this forum are without taxes.
    In the USA and Canada they have to pay additional taxes on their purchases.

    In Europe these taxes are already included.
  11. Agreed with Beautylicious, and if v r tourist then we can have 13% tax rebate. At least that makes it cheaper, i suppose.
  12. Hi, Rain Fan, are u going to buy your Classic in KL? I will be visiting KL in end May, am wondering if I can find a reissue in KLCC. any comments? Thanks.
  13. I'm from the US and I was going to buy a medium perfo flap in Italy but it is €1650... with the bad dollar exchange now, 1$=1370€ even with the 13 percent back it's slightly more expensive than buying it in the US, $1895. And I'm not sure what happens with custom if you declare it.
  14. IceEarl: No, my friend is getting me one at Paris. KL is abt 30% more expensive and they don't have a lot of stock. May i know where are you from?
  15. Hi Rain Fan, I am actually a Singaporean working in Hong Kong :p , will be in town for business so thought I can check it out, thanks for the tips. I actually want to get a reissue but seems that it's impossible to get one in the countries around us, so i thought I'll settle for Black Caviar flap too, but just found out that a friend will be visiting Paris next month, thoght I'll get her to check if there's any reissue...:smile: