Price of Chanel Clear tote and flap bag?

  1. As the topic Does anyone know the price of Chanel Clear tote bag and Flap style? thank you!
  2. the clear flap is $895 i believe !
  3. Yep that sounds right. I am dying to get mine! CANT WAIT!!!
  4. clear flap is $895
    tote is $995!!

    i saw the flap and tried my items in it..................
  5. and purse!? Did you like it?
  6. Selena has CHANEL FEVER!!LOL! go girl!
  7. Selena,
    Claudia (Purse-onality) says in the post above she saw the flap and tried it.
    She has not seen your post to respond I am sure or she would have answered. She told me she did not like the flap too small for her "stuff". We were both getting the tote. I still am and Claudia is now re-thinking the decision.
  8. Thanks for the info Penny! I have to see it in person. I am thinking of the flap for a concert/club bag....but I am anxious to see it in person.
  9. hi Selena!!! lookwise, i totally love the Naked flap but it doesnt fit is stunning though, looks just like the classic flap..the tote which i saw at the trunk show, is really fabulous....and Penny, thanks so much for answering Selena on my behalf, what with work and recovering from the color transfer nightmare, i am just gaining my emotional equilibrium back LOLOL
    Penny, I am pretty sure i will get the Naked tote................its just meant to be a part of my family!!

    I read somewhere that the Nakeds are not vinyl, they are the PVC material which is much more durable...anyone heard that too?
  10. Teen Vogue had the naked flap in one of their layouts- the price is listed at $895

  11. oh oh oh OH oh! ::moaning like a sick seal:: Sammie, that looks so good! how come it looks so cute, and do-able, in this pic when i stuffed my stuff into it at the NM trunkshow and it looked fat and cluttered? someone tell me whyyyyyy :s :shrugs:
    so now i am thinking more about the Naked flap...which had previously (until 5 minutes ago) been something i crossed off the list!
    i gotta stop, there has to be room in my mind for at least a smidgeon of other things in life............
  12. I don't like!
  13. I want! But that means that the inside of my bag should look equally good. No more stuffing this and that inside if this is the bag!
  14. I was thinking exactly the same thing! It is always fun to read both of your posts in the chanel forum because they are fun!:nuts:
  15. If only the bag would look so cool filled as it does in the ad. Wonder what it would have looked like if they had made it in different tints. Kind of like shading on car windows but rather with a pink hue, or blue, or green. Am wondering whether the clear PVC would yellow with age or worse get brittle and crack. (Do I dream in color?)