Price of Chanel Cambon tote

  1. I don't know if THIS particular bag is authentic or not, but I don't care; I was just wondering, how much does a real one usually run?

  2. I think it runs about $1425.
  3. I bought mine last September and it was $1,495.
  4. bought mine at $1450+ tax
  5. sorry in advance for the stupid question -
    is this the large or the medium? :biggrin:
  6. It is the large. :smile:
  7. This is kind of a related question :smile:
    How much does it fit? (how big is it)?

    Thanks! :smile:
  8. i just got this tote last week in Canada.
    To answer the first question, it was $1750 plus tax (canadian)...
    and the second, the large carries ALOT!!
    Here are the measurements:
    15 inches:Opening/top length
    12.5 inches: Base length
    9 inches: Height
    6 inches: width
    these are only approx...and hope you can understand them!
  9. i am able to fit a lot in mine. and i always have extra space after the usual cell phone, water botel, make-up bag, keys, wallets, even a book or two.
  10. i wish the pink were available...
  11. I think some of the stores still have pinks left. I would call around!
  12. Oh that's gorgeous!! And its the perfect size!

    I better call my SA and see if he can get one!
  13. I just got mine yesterday and I love it! I got the black w/black patent CCs, new for this year. I have it's little sister too, but few yrs ago, big was not IN! LOVE it, got it for $1495 at NM @ Stanford. Couldn't justify buying the luxury line bowling bag, but it is to die for ($2160?)! The tote is beeeeeeeeeutiful too ($2285), was just drooling.

    Was looking at MC quilt, but just doesn't compare to Chanel!

  14. Sounds lovely- do you have a pic of the black on black?
  15. Does anyone have a picture of themselves or someone else carrying the large tote? That would help a ton!