price of cerf tote?

  1. does anyone know how much they cost now? thanks
  2. hi faircherie,

    i bought my cerf yesterday actually. i paid 2125 for it. i hope this helps!
  3. Where did you purchase your Cerf BagLover21? I am hoping the price hasn't been raised at all the stores yet.
  4. I could have sworn I saw some cerfs at my NM for 1995.
  5. I got mine several weeks ago for $1995. Maybe above poster was saying with tax.
  6. That makes sense as mine was a little over $2100 including tax.
  7. As of last week, NM has the Cerf priced at $1995.
  8. I think the silver CC Cerfs are $1995, with the '07' on the Chanel tag. The gold CC with "00V" on the tag that had $1995 price tag scanned in as $2125 on the computer at my local NM. Really strange.
  9. My chocolate brown Cerf has gold CC's with 07A on the Chanel tag. I wouldn't be surprised if the price has increased; I was more surprised when it didn't!
  10. What's the tag?? The sticker on the box? Mine says 08C. My Cerf was purchased about a week ago and was $2125. It's black with silver. I wasn't able to get it before the November price increase. At the time I wanted beige and it wasn't available in the NM system. So, I got a medallion tote in beige. I was able to use a gift card to purchase the Cerf. NM had a promotion last weekend. DH got a LV messenger bag and we got a $100 gift card that was not excluded at Chanel. At least I got the $100 off -- and I had to pay sales tax. Good news, however, the SA at NM gave us some sort of additional promotion, but I'm not sure what it was. Gotta love NM's 100th annniversary deals!!
  11. Hi ladies. I bought my bag from the Neiman Marcus at Tysons Corner in Virginia. Similar to Balto Bag Lady, I purchased the black Cerf with silver. The sticker on my box says 08C. I hope this helps!
  12. Ah, I get it now! The sticker on my box says 07A, for Autumn, 07. The 08C means Cruise, 08.

    Perhaps the 08 season now has a price increase in effect.
  13. Hi BagLover21 -- I got mine at Tysons, too. Were you there last weekend?
  14. Judy,

    I was there on Friday, Saturday and yesterday. It's crazy. ha ha
  15. loving everyone getting a cerf's my favorite!!!