Price of Cartier Love Bracelet in Euro

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  1. Hi All: I've asked this question before, but it most likely got lost in the shuffle of conversation about the beautiful and very covetable Cartier love bangles and cuffs.
    Does anyone know what the price of a simple rose gold bangle is in Euro? We might be headed to Spain or France later this year and I'd love to take advantage of the VAT.....
  2. It's €3460 in The Netherlands, so something aroudn that price mark in France ans Spain.
  3. The current price in France is €3470.
  4. Would anyone have EURO prices for the WG Love bracelet with 4 diamonds and WG with 10 diamonds? We're currently on vacation in Hawaii right now and the prices here are US$11,350 and $7,900 respectively. We may be in Europe later this fall and I'd love one for my 20th anniversary present.
  5. has their been an increase in the yellow gold bracelet this year? or is it still the same? going to greece wanted to know the price. without tax
  6. I bought mine in Greece for 4000 Euro... up again...
  7. I know the price in dollars just increased from $3950 to $4300 for YG.
  8. Just purchased yg love bangle 2 weeks ago & it was £3,000 & the Wg is £3,200 but Cartier prices are due to go up in January by about 10%
  9. any idea the price now? i will be traveling to ireland in Nov 2015

  10. 6050 euros for the plain YG and RG full bracelet according to French Cartier website, 4600 GBP according to British site (to which I was directed by Google when looking for an Irish site). I suppose the euro price would be similar in Ireland, though. Good luck with your purchase!
  11. Le.everlynn, unfortunately the Cartier boutique in Dublin closed a couple of years ago. Only Cartier watches are available to buy in Ireland.