Price of BV in Hawaii

  1. Does anyone know what the price of the Batignolles Vertical is in Hawaii? I love this bag!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I believe its $695 - thats the price I got from my SA in Hawaii in September...:yes:
  3. thanks for the quick response!

    do you know how much they charge for shipping to the states for purchases under $2000?

    how do you like your BV!!?? :smile:
  4. I think they charge $20 if its less than $2K. I didnt end up buying the BV - I got a Epi Montaigne Sac in black. The BV looks like a great bag though!!
  5. the prices are the same in Hawaii as they are in the other 49 states, right?
  6. No, they are slightly less.
  7. yep, slightly less about 4% or more. off the top of my head the mirage speedy was $1750 whereas the mainland retail was $1870 pre tax.
  8. now the bv and bh are $725 and it's $30 to ship to the mainland if it's under $3000!!

    mainland price is $740 today but will go up to $775 or $776 (couldn't tell what the last number was) tomorrow.