Price of Burberry cashmere scarves at Outlet?

  1. Hello all, I'm not an avid Burberry fan, but I've been lusting after a baby blue check cashmere scarf since high school :sweatdrop: I was curious as to the typical price/discount on these scarves at the Outlet & do they usually have a lot of the long cashmere scarves in general?

    Thanks for any information!
  2. It's $129 at Woodbury Commons! I went this past weekend! They have teh blue color, candy pink and even the beige nova check one! Good Luck!
  3. ^^Yep- I remember them being in the $120 or so range :yes:
  4. Has anyone been to the Vacaville, CA outlet lately? Are there any baby blue and candy pink scarves left? :love:
  5. In Italy they were 100 €
  6. I was there yesterday and there were a ton of the blue and a good amount (10 or so) of the pink. They're $129 each.:p
  7. Wow! I sure hope they have some at Round Rock in Austin when I have time to go...which isn't for another month ;_;
  8. does anyone have the number to the otulets

    can i call and order
  9. Which state are you in? Try to find a burberry outlet near you. Click on the Brands icon near the top and type in "Burberry" to search. Should return whole bunch of stores.
    BTW, Columbus Day Weekend is coming up, some outlets may have sales. Make sure you ask about that as well. May not be on cashmere scarves, but spring/summer items if you are interested. Good luck finding your dream scarf!
  10. Oh my!
    $120....That's awesome.
    It's ridiculously expensive here in canada. One cashmere scarf = $325 (of course, that's plus 14% taxes).
    I would love to have one nice burberry cashmere scarf.
    Sigh, does anyone have any suggestions for the Canadian burberry lover? :biggrin:
  11. Wow, I did not realize that it is THAT expensive in Canada...Maybe you want to check and see if burberry outlets can ship to canada! $139 +tax+ customs(maybe) still cheaper than $325 plus 14%.

  12. For real! Thanks for your suggestion acshih.
    I just assumed that all burberry outlets wouldn't even think about shipping across the border, since their merchandise is so cheap already (well, compared to their full retail value).

    This thread has got me wondering about how over priced everything else is in Canada. I wonder if a road trip to the states might actually be advantageous for me...hmmmmm
    I'm going to need to collect some US prices of particular purses and compare :biggrin:
  13. Wow, what a great deal! Here in Sweden they are around 261 USD. :tdown:
  14. I just received a burberry scarf as a present from my fience. It was $295. He forgot to take the price tag off
  15. That is a great price.