Price of Bone Exotic carryall at outlets

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  1. Does anyone know the current price of the bone croc carryall at the outlets? Is it still 30% off, or is it in the clearance section now? TIA.
  2. I haven't seen that color carryall at the two outlets near me. I know it went to the outlet before the other colors did.
  3. I saw in another thread that the bone Maggie is now in the clearance section, so I was hoping that the carryall is too.
  4. I saw them about three weeks ago at a couple outlets and at both they were in the 30% off section (off the original price).
  5. are u trying to get PA for it?
    then just call the outlet and give them the number and color code.
    this is the best way to find out.
    They just need to look it up from the computer.
    I know the bone Croc Maggie is def. 50% off but I don't know about carryall since there were none left in my outlets.

    14601 SVBN
  6. I actually put this bag on hold at my outlet today. I was told it was $548 - 30% and then another 20% off of that.
  7. Thanks. I put this bag on hold at my outlet today too, so I just wanted to know the price before I went to get it (it's a 2 hour drive each way). I was hoping it was 50% off, but oh well.
  8. No problem - I had the same thought so I actually called back to ask. I'm only 15 minutes from my outlet though, but I still didn't want to drive there without knowing the price!
  9. The carryall was originally $598.
  10. yup- my black croc carry all was $598-30%-20% and came out to $365 after tax