Price of Birkin in Eurpoe?

  1. Ladies,

    I need your help... My boyfriend is in Germany for a business trip and he wants to get me a birkin!!! He will be going to Europe a couple of times in the next few months for business too. Soo...

    I was wondering if anybody knows the price for size 30 birkin in Germany, France and Switzerland? in togo or chevre?

    Also, is it relatively easier to get birkin in Europe or it depends on the country?

    Thanks a lot ladies! Hope he will come across for a birkin soon. Wish him luck ladies...
  2. 4000 something euros.
  3. It depends on the leather etc..
    i got offered the birkin 35 clemence rouge garance for 4.900EUR
    and the birkin 30 epson black for 4.590EUR.
    i think in paris is a bit cheaper.
  4. sorry,these are the prices for germany
  5. I have the 35 prices here: a friend bought a 35 cm togo for 4850 Euros in France, another friend bought a 35 cm taurillion in Germany for 5000 Euros.
    France is obv. where the bags are the "cheapest" France, Italy, Germany are all pretty much the same... where it's a lot more is usually London (UK). hope this helps. Oh and remember to get "detaxe" if you can that willlower the price by approx 10% dep on the country.
  6. In Paris, Birkin in togo 30cm was 4500 euro this past March, in chevre I would expect it to be more though.
  7. Thank you so much. The info is really helpful.

    Orchids: What is the color of the birkin in your avatar? It's so beautiful..
  8. In Italy I just payed 5050 euro for a 35 Swift Birkin, the same size in Clemence is 5000 euro... A 30 should be about 300/400 euro less.
  9. The SA in Amsterdam quoted €5200 for a 35 in Togo. That was off the top of her head and she didn't sound 100%.
  10. hi, just wondering, is it easier to get my hands on a birkin in italy? I'll be there in a few weeks and was hoping i can get one
  11. Here's the latest info for you, I enquired as I am thinking of buying a kelly and a birkin in Paris within the year:

    Chevre mysore: 28cm kelly (4000 euros)
    Chevre coromandel: 28cm kelly (4000 euros)
    Chevre coromandel: 32cm kelly (4050 euros)
    Chevre mysore 25cm birkin (5050 euros)
  12. No. The easier way it's in Paris!!:yes:
  13. I saw a 32 fucsia chevre de coromandel yesterday in Paris and it was 4500 euros